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Julio Fernando Mazuelos Coello

Firm: Mazuelos & Abogados
Country: Peru

Practice Area: Business Crime

  • Av. Los Conquistadores
    396 Of. 209 - Lima 27
Universidad de Bonn, Post Doctoral at Law; Research assignment as Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation; Doctor of Law, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (1993); Master´s Degree in Criminal Justice and Critical Criminology, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona 1989); Bacelor in Law (1984), Lawyer 1986), Universidad San Martín de Porres.
Previous Works Experience: 
Criminal Area Head at Muñiz, Forsyth, Ramírez, Pérez-Taimán & Luna Victoria Law Firm (1995-2003); President of the Instituto Peruano de Ciencias Penales (1999-2002); Executive Management Advisor of the Ministry of Justice (1993-1995).
Lima Bar Association; Instituto Peruano de Ciencias Penales; Revista Peruana de Doctrina y Jurisprudencia Penales; Chamber of Commerce and Industry Peruvian-German.
Academic Activity:
Criminial Law Professor of the Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón (2005); Criminal Law Professor of the Academy of Justices (1995-2004); Criminology Professor of the Universidad de Lima (1993-2003); Bussiness Criminal Law Professor of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (2001-2002); Criminal Law Professor of the Universidad Particular San Martín de Porres (1993-2011).
Author of books and articles of business crime
Spanish, English and German

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