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Faten Al Haddad

Firm: Al Haddad Law Firm
Country: Bahrain

Practice Area: Commercial

  • Al Haddad Plaza, 53
    Building 308, Road 1910,
    Block 319, Manama

Faten Al Haddad, Esq.

Lawyer, Arbitrator and Founder of Al Haddad Law Firm.


Faten Al-Haddad is a multi-award winning lawyer currently practicing in her self-founded law practice, Al Haddad law firm. As a lawyer, Faten is extraordinarily talented with several impressive accolades to her name in her professional and humanitarian work. Educated in Bahrain and the UK, her ambitions have no limits, as she has taken on the challenge of Intellectual Property Rights worldwide.

As a prominent lawyer in both the Bahraini and international scene, her firm is representing many International Law Firms in Bahrain. Even as she made huge leaps in her profession, she still made time to take on pro bono cases and provide legal aid for those less fortunate.

Looking to the future, Al-Haddad’s career shows no signs of slowing down. In 2011, she established her own law firm, which boasts reputable domestic and international clients. From Media, Journalism and Advertising Law to Mergers and Acquisitions,

Al Haddad Law Firm offers a huge range of legal services. Her multilingual team has years of combined legal expertise under the guidance of Faten herself. She
is an inspiring lawyer and philanthropist with a clear vision of the rapidly changing legal landscape.

Al Haddad Law Firm is a member firm of an International network of Law Firms in which it represents them in Bahrain. With over 100 lawyers and professionals in its network, we provide a broad range of legal and professional services to clients from all over the world. Our network of offices enables us to excel in delivering multi and cross-jurisdictional legal services.



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