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Ehsan Hosseinzadeh

Firm: Educated Lawyers Law Firm
Country: Iran

Practice Area: Foreign Investment

  • Unit.1, NO.1, Zagros Street, Emad Moghnieh Street,
    Arjentina Square
Attorney at Law | Founder

* 4th July 1987, Urmia


- Master of Corporate Law, University of Tehran, 2013 
- Bachelor of Law, University of Tabriz, 2009

Member of Iran Central Bar Association
(Available at: http://icbar.ir)

Practice areas

- Foreign Investment in Iran
- Establishing & Registering Companies in Iran
- To protect Trademarks in territory of Iran
- Launching Due Diligence on Iranian Companies
- Providing annual legal advice to foreign companies about Iranian Law


- Providing legal advice to some of famous international organization like the World Bank;
- Establishing branch of some of international companies in Iran;
- Protecting famous trademarks and avoid trademark infringement in all over Iran; 

Foreign languages spoken

- English
- Farsi
- Azerbaijani
- German


- Subjective Exemptions of Antitrust Regulations (Comparative Study), Competition Law Articles, Mizan Pub, Tehran, 2013
- Comparative Perspective about Begging Law and Challenges of Municipality Code, Seminar on Challenges in Municipalities Regulations in Iran, Tehran, 2013
- Parent Companies Liability about their subsidiaries Bankruptcy, Presented to Law Review of Judicial Sciences & Administrative Services, 2013
- Governing Regulations on Seas Oil Pollution, 5th Seminar on Oil & Gas Pipelines, Tehran , 2014
- Comparative Study on Begging Law and Challenges of Municipality Code, Seminar on Existing Challenges in Municipalities Regulations in Iran, Tehran, 2013
- Employee Participation in Decision Making (Comparative Study), Competition, presented to Comparative Law of Mofid University, 2014
- Respect to Lawyers, A forgotten Principle, Araz Newspaper, 26/5/2014
- Right to be Forgotten, Araz Newspaper, 20/5/2014
- Study on Political Crime, Plan which provided by Iranian Parliament, Araz Newspaper, 28/5/2014
- Oppressed Judges, Araz Newspaper, 13/6/2014
- Unemployment of Youth, Content of Which Code?, Araz Newspaper, 12/6/2014
- When Justice Angle is Angry, Araz Newspaper, 20/6/2014
- Fair Competition Lost Regulations of Iran, Araz Newspaper, 14/6/2014
- Right to Access to a Lawyer near Court, Araz Newspaper,15/5/2014
- Legal Necessities of Checking Governmental Bodies' Properties, Araz Newspaper, 19/5/2014
- Forgotten Rules, Araz Newspaper, 22/5/2014
- Legal Issues for a Politial Handshaking, Ghanoon Newspaper,4/10/2015
- Political Attitudein Determination of Parliament Members should be banned, Ghanoon Newspaper, 13/10/2015
- Critique about Filtering of Telegram in Iran, Ghanoon Newspaper, 3/11/2015
- Offenders Alphabets, Regulation Deficiency or Weakness in Supervising, Ghanoon Newspaper, 6/10/2015

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