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Fulvio Graziotto

Firm: Graziotto Legal - International Law Firm
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Private Equity

  • Via G. Matteotti, 194
University Education

- Degree with honors in Law Degree from the University of Genoa
- Degree in "Jurist Enterprise and Administration" at the University of Genoa
- Degree in "Derecho" at the University Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid
- Higher Education in the economic sphere (19 exams) at Faculty of Economics of Genoa

Lectures, speeches and specialization courses

- Teaching in different editions (2012-2016) of the Master for Corporate Jurists (University of Genoa) on loans, accounting requirements, budget
- Rapporteur credited LAPET (Italian Association of Tax Consultants - Roma) for tax law
- Lecturer FAST (Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations - Milan) for the environmental law
- Lectures in seminars on corporate law
- Lectures in seminars on contract law
- Lectures in seminars on professional responsibility
- Lectures in seminars for management consultants on company valuation
- Lectures in various courses for entrepreneurs on management control, costing, pricing and corporate finance
- Lectures in various courses for entrepreneurs on strategy, marketing, sales psychology
- teacher of economics, public finance, public law and commercial.
- Interventions abroad (University of Bangkok, Tokyo, etc.) On issues related to international logistics
- Coordination and interventions in international congresses (France, Germany, Poland, Morocco, etc.)
- Passed the Level I of the CFA Program at the CFA Institute (www.cfainstitute.org).
- Teaching in different editions (2012-2015) of the Master for Corporate Jurists (University of Genoa) on loans, accounting requirements, budget
- Teacher of economics, public finance, public law and commercial.
- Interventions abroad (University of Bangkok, Tokyo, etc.) on issues related to international logistics

Editorials and publications collaborations

Author of the book "The legal due diligence '- Evaluate the legal risks of companies

Author of the book "Corporate Financing" - Financial contracts and corporate governance

Publishing partnerships with various magazines, including:

- ACAP - Associazione Condominiale Amministratori e Proprietari (ACAP - Association of Condominium Owners and Directors)
- News Avvocato Andreani (News General Law)
- Condominio Oggi (Condo Today)
- Bollettino Tributario  (Tax Bulletin)
- Commercialista Telematico (Telematic CPA)
- Diritto.it  (Law Portal)
- Diritto24 (Il Sole 24 Ore) (Law News)
- Diritto Bancario  (Banking Law)
- Diritto e Giustizia (Law and Justice)
- EDILONE.it (Building & Construction News)
- Fallimenti e Società (Bankruptcies and Companies)
- FASI.biz (Finance Benefits Investment Strategies)
- Filodiritto (Law Portal)
- Fisco e Tasse  (Tax Authorities and Taxes)
- GDO News (Supermarkets News)
- Giornale del Condominio (the Condominium newspaper)
- Il Broker (the Broker)
- IL CASO.it (The Case)
- Il Diritto Amministrativo (The Administrative Law)
- Il Portale del CTU  (Appointed Expert’s Portal)
- Intermedia (Insurance)
- ITALIAPPALTI.it (Italy Procurement)
- LavoroeDiritto.it (Labor and Law)
- Professione Giustizia (Justice Profession)
- Quotidiano Legale (Legal Daily)
- Studio Cataldi (News General Law)
- Tutto Ambiente (All Environment)

Language skills

Negotiations and independently managed reports in English, French, German and Spanish. Fundamentals of Dutch

Experiences and professional collaborations in national and international level

Assistance and advice on legal and business auditing procedures (due diligence procedures), for corporate finance / M&A transactions, including cross-border deals, economic evaluation, analysis and verification of investments in various sectors

Forensic practice took place in Sanremo and Genova

Solid experience of operations in real estate, both residential and commercial, including aspects of planning.

Assistance to trading and foreign investment, drafting and reviewing contracts and international documents, and documents and reports for the international litigation.

Partnerships with other law firms in Italy and foreign correspondents in over 50 countries (including Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, El Salvador, the United Arab Emirates, Estonia, the Philippines, Georgia, Germany Japan, Jordan, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Libya, Macedonia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Poland Portugal, Qatar, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Spain, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, USA, Vietnam, Venezuela, as well as relations in other countries).

Specific experience in M ​​& A, corporate finance and corporate law

Good knowledge of the life cycle of M & A and private equity sector, experienced advisory in merger and acquisition activity, divestitures, financial restructurings, business valuations, joint ventures, projects and various transactions.

Experience in participating in negotiations, drafting and critical examination of the documentation including contracts for the purchase of the shares and the shareholders' agreements, in the verification of reality subject to potential acquisitions, strategic alliances and corporate initiatives, assistance in all the legal and procedural aspects ( international transactions, legal due diligence and business, confidential memoranda preparation, presentations to management, statements and documents).


Lawyer registered at the Order of Lawyers of Imperia

Integrated collaboration with law firm in Genoa

Relations as " of counsel " of specialist areas

Several independent collaborations with firms in Italy and abroad

forensic practice took place in Sanremo and Genova

Other professional skills and experience

Over 15 years of specific experience in corporate extraordinary operations, and assistance for legal checks and business (cd. Procedures of "due diligence"), for extraordinary finance / M & A, including the economic assessment, analysis and verification of investments in several sectors and the drafting of contracts and documents, including international ones.

Coaching clients in projects that require specialized expertise not only legal, and assistance in the drafting and negotiation of contracts with foreign partners, for companies and joint-ventures, supplies, competitions abroad, procurement, creation of liens and guarantees, subsequent phases monitoring of projects and contract management.

Preparation of model contracts, general conditions and offers for products and services, and expertise in different areas and subjects, both nationally and internationally, and assistance in litigation and arbitration, failures, damage compensation, recognition of foreign measures (judgments, praises , etc.) and / or their execution in Italy.

Adv. Fulvio Graziotto


- Civil Lawyers Association of Imperia

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