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Jacy Whittaker

Firm: ParrisWhittaker
Country: Bahamas

Practice Area: Commercial Litigation

  • Suite 10 Seventeen Centre
    Freeport, Grand Bahama
For Jacy Whittaker, the key to winning cases is being abundantly overprepared. Jacy gears up for war on everything. The litigator never walks into a courtroom without more research, more evidence, and more potential angles than warranted. 
This over-preparation allows him to think on his feet, building confidence—and the court’s regard—through each winning application, writ, submission, and hearing. Rather than being exhausted by sheer volume, the youthful lawyer becomes even more invigorated. After all, he lives to argue—and win.
Jacy enrolled in law school (University of Buckingham, and later Inns of Court School of Law), then joined Callenders & Co., where he worked side-by-side with a legendary Queens Counsel on multiple matters—including one of the Bahamas’ most monumental matters. Six years later, he and partner Arthur K. Parris, Jr. left to form ParrisWhittaker.
Jacy has since added commercial transactions, probate law, admiralty law, and corporate structuring, re-structuring, and formation to his list of capabilities. He acts as local counsel for a handful of international companies.
In addition to his practice, Jacy is one of the most active members of the Grand Bahama business community. He is director, advisor, or committee chair for numerous boards, including the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, Freeport Law Society, and Salvation Army. He is also a member of the American Bar Association, Ontario Bar Association, and Bahamas Bar Association and a member of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Bar

Commercial, Civil & Trust Litigation Estates, Probates, Wills and Trusts Shipping and Aircraft Estates Litigation Trusts Litigation Shareholder Disputes Condominium Association Litigation and Disputes Fatal Accident Claims Personal Injury Litigation Medical Negligence Construction Disputes and Litigation Property Disputes and Litigation Employment and Immigration   Company Law Share Purchase Agreements Commercial/Contractual Disputes Contentious Probate Issues Professional Negligence Insurance Litigation Vessel Lease Agreements Maritime Disputes and Litigation Joint Venture Agreements Ebusiness & Ecommerce Law GBPA License applications Government Relations Intellectual Property, Trademarks & Trade Names

- Inns of Court School of Law, 2005
- University of Buckingham, LLB (Hons), 2004

- England & Wales, Barrister (2005) 
- The Bahamas, Attorney-at-Law (2007) 
- American Bar Association, Associate Member (2007) 
- Ontario Bar Association, Associate Member (2008) 
- Bar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court ("BVI")  (2013)

- Advisory Board, The Salvation Army 
- Member, Rotary International (Grand Bahama Sunrise) 
- Past Director, Freeport Law Society 
- International Services Committee Director, Rotary International (Grand Bahama Sunrise Club) (2011-2012) 
- Chairman of Public Relations, Rotary International (Grand Bahama Sunrise Club) (2011-2012) 
- Director, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013) 
- Ethics & Legislative Committee, Chairman, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013) 
- Police Liaison, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013) 
- International Trade Committee, Member, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013) 
- Fundraising Committee, Member, Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce (2011-2013)

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