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Igor Lăcătuş

Firm: Moțec Ștefan - Law Office
Country: Romania

Practice Area: Litigation

  • 7A Remus Street, Apt.2-3,
    300 194, Timișoara
    Timiș County
Motec Stefan – Law office is one of the most important law firms in the western Romania, with over 14 years of experience.

In all these years, the law office showed a high level of training and expertise in litigation and business consultancy. Considering the west of Romania, the law office represents a connection for the foreign companies which intend to do business in Romania, having the highest level of service for all these situations. Most of the cases where the law firm is representing the clients are related to the business area, but covers at the same time the labor relationship, competition and consumer's protection. 

The loyalty and expertise of the lawyers and of the auxiliary personnel represents another guaranty for the clients, both in the litigation area and in consultancy, document analysis, contracts etc.

Igor Lacatus (coordinator the litigation department) mentions that being a lawyer has become one of the most important liberal professions and a main promoter of the European values and traditions, aspects without which the citizens would not feel protected, safe and secure regarding the maze of law and of the legal changes which occur more and more often in every state – especially because the world and, in particular, the European Union is going through a big change.

Over the years, the firm has been part of many projects for starting and developing business for foreign and national clients, transferring personnel or capital of companies, consultancy and analysis of contracts worth of millions of euros for the investors. 

The litigation department contributed in solving a vast series of legal situations both for national and international clients in front of the Romanian courts or in front of other jurisdictional bodies, managing to settle before court by giving alternative solutions to the parties, assisting transactions and others. The negotiation and dialogue represent basic rules and at the same time a fine touch of art in business law, either for legal consultancy or litigation, and by team effort in the firm, we have managed to avoid most of the time the financial implication of a court trial, states lawyer Igor Lacatus.

The expertise of the lawyers in the firm is mainly in commercial and business area, but at the same time in the administrative segment as well as of authorizing the commercial activities for building and developing new businesses. 

Even though the firm is based in the west of Romania, its activity is all around the country, in the main cities and in all the geographic areas in Romania, including the capital, Bucharest. Most of the litigation of the Litigation Department are taken care of by the courts in the cities and regions across the country. 

For us, having GLE designating us as a potential winner of the "Litigation Law Firm of the Year in Romania – 2018", represents an honor and a challenge to become better, both for the clients and for ourselves as well.

The collaboration with the GLE experts network represents another turn in the "life" of the firm and we thank, hereby, for the appreciation, ensuring all of our support every time, having an open mind and view to strategic collaborations and partnerships.

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