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Igor Lăcătuş

Firm: Moțec Ștefan - Law Office
Country: Romania

Practice Area: Litigation

  • 7A Remus Street, Apt.2-3,
    300 194, Timișoara
    Timiș County
MOȚEC ȘTEFAN – Law Office welcomes you on our presentation site. We hope that the information we provide through this site will be useful in the decisions you need to take when you are up to use the specialized services of a law firm.

We must make clear that we are here to help you – by phone, by mail or at the office – with any other information or details you wish to take into account, as it is in our interest to answer all your questions and to convince you that we can be a partner in your commercial activity whose success requires among other things, legal assistance, that we can ensure at a highly professional and qualified level, based not only on goodwill in this respect, but especially on the experience accumulated over time, on the one hand and a vision of future development of the office, on the other side.

The law office has a rich and vast experience in different branches of law - national and European/International - being organized in two departments – consultancy and litigation.

The litigation department is coordinated by the attorney Igor Lăcătuș, appointed by GLE as the litigation expert for Romania. The administrative and jurisdictional procedures are the main vector of interest, to which a broad set of legal activities are added, aiming both the prevention of conflict and solving the private or public conflicts – jurisdictional bodies or court level.

The law office offers operative legal services, having among the best logistic and IT support needed in order to show and develop the best service. Our experience is built as well in the commercial law area, being adapted to the specific need of the economical agents, national or international. Along the time, the law office has upgraded and adapted the provided legal services to the social, economic and strategic conditions of the clients, having the desire to react promptly to the exigency of the business market, the clients and the diverse form of litigation.

MOȚEC ȘTEFAN – Law Office is always available for any question, call or request, in order to support and meet your expectation in solving any conflict.

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