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Tanel Feldman

Firm: Immigration Law Associates
Country: Belgium

Practice Area: Corporate Immigration

  • Avenue des Petits Bois 7
    1640 Rhode Saint Genèse
Co-founder and Senior Partner of Immigration Law Associates, Tanel Feldman has deep experience in European immigration law.

He is a member of the International Bar Association and of the European Law Institute. 

Tanel has significant experience in advising corporations and private clients on general immigration matters and in particular, issues related to rights derived from EU citizenship for persons who are not citizens of a Member State.

He has also developed an advanced expertise on complex matters concerned with coordination of EU social security systems.

The Firm

The firm is active in Belgium and Luxembourg and covers the following areas of law:

Corporate and private immigration law: right of entry (short stay visas, work visas, student visas, au pair visas, investor visas, sports visas, entry for private reasons), right to work (work authorisations and permits, professional cards, EU Blue Cards, ICT permits), right of stay (limited stay permits, unlimited stay permits, permanent residence, dependents’ residence permits), citizenship law.

Employment and social security law: drafting and review of employment contracts, coordinating employment contracts, letters of assignment, advice on determining the social security legislation that applies to employees posted.

European law: complex matters concerned with work and residence (or temporary stay) in several EU countries, enforcement of rights derived from the EU law (freedom of movement of persons, freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services), rights derived from EU citizenship for persons who are not citizens of a Member State, coordination of social security systems.

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