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John de Frece

Firm: John de Frece Advocate and Notary
Country: Israel

Practice Area: Civil

  • Jabotinsky Street,
    Ramat Gan 33
JOHN DE FRECE was born in Liverpool, England. He studied law at Liverpool Polytechnic ( as it then was ) and qualified as a solicitor in 1974.
He  emigrated to Israel in 1975 and has lived there ever since.

John de Frece enlisted in the IDF and following completion of officers course served in the Military Advocate General's unit in various capacities (military prosecutor, defence counsel and supervisor over disciplinary jurisdiction). He served in the regular army until 1982 and thereafter in the reserves until some 10 years ago. He held the rank of major.

Following his release from regular service John de Frece worked in a number of law offices and in 1985 he opened his own practice. Since then he has worked in a number of firms either as partner or in sole practice.

John de Frece is married with two grown children.
He both lives and works in Ramat Gan.

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