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Lee Kien Han

Firm: Han & Partners
Country: Malaysia

Practice Area: M&A

  • 23-8, Menara Oval Damansara
    No. 685, Jalan Damansara
    60000 Kuala Lumpur

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), University of West England, Bristol, 2002
Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), 2003
Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of Malaya, 2004

 Kien Han embodies the unique
 combination of a brilliant
 mathematical and creative
 problem solving mind laced
 with genuine magnanimity
 that is rare in the fiercely
 competitive business world.
 His visionary leadership and
 strategic business acumen
 are instrumental in building
 Han & Partners from ground up
 to become one of the highly
 regarded boutique legal firms
 in Malaysia.

 Possessing a wealth of legal
 expertise in corporate finance,
 merger and acquisition and
 cross-border transactions,
 Kien Han acts for a number
 of the leading institutions
 and corporate entities
 including private real estate
 fund and REITs in Malaysia.
 A highly sought-after retail
 management lawyer, Kien Han
 has also advised numerous
 retail malls nationwide.

 Kien Han appreciates good
 wine especially the ones that
 come from Napa Valley and
 Italy. An avid collector of
 watches and Air Jordans, he
 spends his spare time playing
 golf as well as shooting hoops
 at the basketball court, a sport
 he grew to love since childhood.

 Quote By Peers:

“Kien Han has the uncanny knack
 of sifting through complex legal
 issues and coming up with very
 practical and simple solutions
 that would ultimately achieve
 the clients’ objectives.”

Most Memorable Experience:

“When our firm has just started,
 we received two phone calls
 out of the blue from two very
 renowned clients. They did not
 know us but decided to give us
 the chance to represent them.
 We are still representing them
 to this day.”

 Quote by Lee Kien Han:

"By having a strong vision, choosing our battles and putting in the hard work, any
 challenges can be overcome."

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