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  • Incorporating rights and obligations of parties under Commercial Agreements

    Incorporating rights and obligations of parties under Commercial Agreements

    Published: 22 Feb 2018

    A commercial agreement is a set of promises between the parties – such promises are intended be binding in law. These  promises made by the parties define the respective rights and obligations of the parties under an agreement which are either enforced or fulfilled respectively. A contract is like a private law of the parties which allows the parties to define th...

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  • Limitation-of-Liability-clause-in-an-agreement


    Published: 21 Feb 2018

    Limitation of Liability clause in an agreement Let us do an exercise. You may not have bothered so far, so you could do it today. Have a look at the backside of your Drycleaner’s slip for the garments you have given him for laundry or dry cleaning. If you do not find such slip, try reading some other service provider’s slip. Such slips have some terms and conditions written in very small fon...

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  • Importance of Liquidated damages clause in a contract

    Importance of Liquidated damages clause in a contract

    Published: 20 Feb 2018

    All commercial agreements begin with the premise that each party to the agreement will honour its respective obligations under the agreement. However, this is not the case many a times. If all parties were able to or willing to honour all their obligations, a significant number of lawyers would be out of business. While providing remedies for non-performance or breach in a commercial contrac...

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  • Corporate reporting in India

    Corporate reporting in India

    Published: 19 Feb 2018

    With consistently increasing professionalization and internationalization of Indian businesses, there is a growing demand for corporate reporting in India. Corporate reporting has very significant role in ensuring compliance with regulatory compliance requirements. To handle this increasing demand for corporate reporting, Indian corporates need to embrace advanced technology. For this, significa...

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  • Tax evaders to face music for demonetisation adventures

    Tax evaders to face music for demonetisation adventures

    Published: 18 Feb 2018

    Due to demonetisation operation launched by the Indian government last year, many individuals and corporates were caught unaware. They had plenty of unexplained cash and 50 days to deposit it all in the banking system. Most of these persons and entities ‘outsourced’ the deposit mechanism and deposited unexplained and unsecured cash running into millions and billions of Rupees with the banks thro...

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  • Valuation of stressed assets under IBC

    Valuation of stressed assets under IBC

    Published: 17 Feb 2018

    With the enforcement of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (‘IBC’), all the stakeholders, i.e., Lenders, Borrowers, Bidders, Insolvency Professionals and even the government are undergoing ‘teething troubles’ for its effective implementation. These stakeholders seems to be at crossroads on every vital issue. A pertinent question is arising about the valuation methodology to be adopted for a fair val...

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  • 100% FDI in telecom under automatic route

    100% FDI in telecom under automatic route

    Published: 15 Feb 2018

    Buoyed by the improved rankings in the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ index, the Government of India is mulling further liberalisation for making it more foreign investment friendly. The latest in this series is the government’s plan to allow 100 per cent FDI for telecom services including infrastructure through the automatic route. Under the automatic route for FDI, no prior government approval is re...

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  • India to encourage arbitration

    India to encourage arbitration

    Published: 14 Feb 2018

    India is fast developing as a favorite destination for foreign investors to invest and conduct business in India. In the World Bank’s latest annual Ease of Doing Business report, India ranked 100th compared to previous year’s 130th, which is a significant improvement in the rankings. However, the image and perception of India being a difficult country in terms of enforcement of contracts still n...

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