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  • One Person Company (OPC) in India

    One Person Company (OPC) in India

    Published: 23 Jan 2018

    Running a business on one’s own comes with a lot of limitations. Most severe implications are difficulty in access to credit by banks / financial institutions and unlimited personal liability. As a result, many businessmen and professionals want to carry their business through a corporate structure. However, most corporate structures be it partnership, LLP or company require more than one promot...

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  • LLPs in India - all you want to know

    LLPs in India - all you want to know

    Published: 22 Jan 2018

    Limited Liability Partnership (‘LLP’) is a form of enterprise that merges certain advantages of a partnership with those of a company. Viewed as an ‘alternate or hybrid corporate vehicle’, an LLP achieves the best of both corporate forms by granting to the members of the LLP, the flexibility of organizing their internal managerial structure as a partnership based on mutual-understanding, while lim...

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  • Permanent residency status to foreign investors in India

    Permanent residency status to foreign investors in India

    Published: 22 Jan 2018

    The government of India, in order to encourage more FDI, has approved a scheme for granting permanent residency status (PRS) to foreign investors. Conditions relating to this scheme shall be specified in the FDI Policy notified from time to time. The PRS will be granted for a period of ten (10) years with multiple entry. PRS shall be subject to review for another 10 years if the PRS holder d...

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  • Start up entity - One Person Company

    Start up entity - One Person Company

    Published: 21 Jan 2018

    One Person Company (OPC) is a recent corporate entity in India. OPC has been introduced under the Companies Act, 2013. As the name of the entity suggests, the law now allows even a single shareholder to incorporate a private limited company with only one director unlike the old requirement of minimum two shareholders and two directors. This option provides a more systematic, stable and indepen...

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  • Startup entity - Partnership

    Startup entity - Partnership

    Published: 21 Jan 2018

    Next step to operating as a solo bird is forming a partnership with other like-minded people. Partnership is a vehicle which is commonly used as an entity for startups. Even the government of India recognises a registered partnership as an eligible entity for seeking benefits under various schemes of the government. A partnership is governed by the provisions of Indian Partnership Act, 1932. ...

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  • Start up entity – a Private Limited Company

    Start up entity – a Private Limited Company

    Published: 20 Jan 2018

    A start up entity could take the shape of an Indian private limited company. Such company has to be incorporated under the aegis of the Companies Act, 2013. The most important benefits that a private limited company offers are: (i)           a distinct legal entity from that of the shareholders, directors and managers, (ii)  &#...

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  • Startup India - eligible entities

    Startup India - eligible entities

    Published: 20 Jan 2018

    For recognition as a Startup by the Government of India authorities, an entity’s structure should be one of the following: (i)                 Private limited company; (ii)               Limited Liability Partnership; (iii)  ...

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  • What is a Start Up

    What is a Start Up

    Published: 19 Jan 2018

    There is a lot of buzz in the Indian air. Startup is the word everyone swears by. The government, Banks, Investors, Reserve Bank of India, the buzz just does not stop … I have had the privilege of helping some startups and I see them as a beacon for the future of India. In next few articles, I will post information that the young entrepreneurs may find useful in knowing whether they qualify as...

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