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Defence litigation

Published: 21 Jan 2018

Defence litigation

The step-by-step presentation aims at informing customers about professional and qualitative defence conducted by lawyers in the litigations of the law firm.

1. Presentation of the dispute by the client -

• Studying documents and information presented by the client -

• Legal interpretation of materials and information provided by the client as a result of documentation in terms of state of fact, of related national and European / international laws, legal doctrine and case-law of the courts -

• Discussing the legal and judicial options with the client.

2. Preparing the draft of the application to court / welcoming project -

• Obtaining additional information and / or evidence from the client -

• Coordination with the client of the application to court -

• Finish action / welcome text -

• Referral to the court.

3. Preparation of procedural documents in the pre-trial procedure for establishing the first term of trial -

• Requiring additional information and / or evidence from the client, including making financial payments in the interests of the case -

• If necessary, changes and finalization of the procedural act -

• Sending the procedural act to client information -

• Referral to the court -

• Coordinating the evidence and information presented by the adversary in the file -

• Preparing the defence in the file, in relation to acts and information from the adverse side.

4. Studying the file and preparing for the first term of the trial set in the file -

• Preparing certain procedural steps / steps required for the first term of trial -

• Participation in the first hearing and other deadlines -

• Informing the client through the term report -

• Establishing tasks for the next term -

• Studying the case and preparing for debates on the merits -

• Supporting the lawyer's pleadings before the court -

• Drawing up written conclusions -

• Informing the client about the court's solution through the final report.

Department of Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Lawyer Igor Lăcătuş

Firm: Addleshaw Goddard

Practice Area: Trade & Customs

  • 7A Remus Street, Apt.2-3,
    300 194, Timișoara
    Timiș County

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