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Since 2010, the Global Law Experts annual awards have been celebrating excellence, innovation and performance across the legal communities from around the world.



Our Practice Area Guides bring you expert guidance directly from those lawyers within that chosen specialism, which ensures you will be receiving support from a lawyer who has showcased his or her expertise.

The Annual Guide to the World's Top Lawyers

Annual Guide to the World�s Top Lawyers

Our new 2023 Handbook covers The Americas, Europe, Asia & Oceania, and Africa & the Middle East. Featuring attorneys in over 100 countries and experts in 35 different practice areas.

Available in hardcopy, online and data card

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Latest Testimonials

In my view GLE membership provides inter alia an opportunity to a medium sized firm such as ours to compete with the larger more expensive firms. The value of a GLE accreditation cannot be underestimated and will in my view boost the professional perception / image  of our firm. The strength of the accreditation lies in the strength of the member firms. Legal associations are a dime a dozen, but many of them add little or no value as the membership base is not that strong. Based on our research, it is quite clear that membership of GLE is indeed an honour and a privilege, and consequently it was a very easy decision to join GLE..

Bobby Lanham-Love, Lanham-Love Attorneys, South Africa

I have become a member of GLE to introduce my law firm to the others and to show them my activities and my backgrounds. It is clear that internet has become very essential in our daily life and when you expose your law firm in the correct media this is of course going to give you a very positing reflect.

Gabriel Oussi, Oussi Law Firm, Syria

We decided to become members based on the existing membership of firms that belong and because it seemed like it would give us greater exposure as a firm and help anchor us in the area of business crime especially in Canada. So far, clients and prospective clients are impressed and it has been a good decision for us..

Christine Duhaime, Duhaime Law, Canada

In a context where we work for a lot of foreign companies and foreign persons, we thougt international exposure will be good for our development. We are a very young law firm, so GLE is a good way to increase the number of clients..

Radu Chirita, Chiriță & Associates, Romania

GLE is worldwide well-known on the market of law firms. Our firm has been dealing with arbitration cases internationally for many years. But since arbitration has a strict confidential character our success is not obvious and easily tangible for the public, i.e. for our possible future clients.  The GLE membership helps us to make us more visible for the public and convince existing and new clients that their arbitration is in good hands. The live profile on and the link on our webpage to our profile and GLE enable us showing our clients the quality of our firm and help us in our expansion towards transcontinental business..

Dr. Peter Taller, NZP Nagy Rechtsanwälte, Germany

I have been experiencing the services of the GLE and found them very useful and much pertinent to what a patent attorney looks for. I have noticed that showing up one profile increases significantly synergies and active communications among stake holders and related patent professionals..

Eno Dodbiba, European Patent Attorney / Trademark Attorney, Albania

We have lot of work related to disputes in arbitration. Not only as an attorney but also arbitrator or chare of arbitration. We suppose membership of GLE utilizes the daily business and support to expand the network within possible clients and colleagues in similar legal fields..

Matti Manner, Brander & Manner Attorneys at Law, Finland

We decided to be members of GLE due to its reputation on the market. We understand that GLE is an independent publication, with selected readers who are able to distinguish and to choose the best law firm to render services to their companies. GLE is a well-known and very respectable publication with readers from all over the world who might be interested in doing business in Brazil..

Alexandre Tadeu Navarro, Navarro Advogados, Brazil

We saw it is a privilege to be invited as the exclusive corporate tax law expert in Nigeria.  We also believe the visibility that the GLE network seeks to provide should bring value to our business..

Nduka Ikeyi, Ikeyi & Arifayan, Nigeria

We were seeking to increase the exposure of the firm and the capabilities of the firm’s attorneys to a wider audience particularly overseas. At any time, an international attorney can search by country and by practice area to find an expert in that field in the required country.  Being exclusive means that if someone is looking for that expertise, it is our firm that they will find..

Regan Gourley, Cullens Patent and Trade Mark Attorney’s, Australia

Moțec Ștefan – Law office, situated in the Western part of Romania, is more than a „laboratory” where we work throughout the day for our clients in the consulting and litigation departments. In this context, the opportunity to collaborate with the GLE (Global Law Experts) team emerged, for recognizing the renown of the team of lawyers. GLE recognizes that the guarantee for the success of a law office is directly related and conditioned by the satisfaction of the client. The experience of over 12 years of practice in the business area of law and the client portfolio, including from European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, etc., represent for us the foundation for operational and quality legal services..

Igor Lacatus, Moțec Ștefan – Law Office,