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Ph. D. Dominik Lubasz

Firm: Lubasz i Wspólnicy - Law Office
Country: Poland

Practice Area: Data Protection

  • Żwirki 17
He is an attorney at law, managing partner and leader of LW Business and LW Data Protection – Lubasz and Partners – Law Office.

He was responsible for numerous projects related to companies’ law, commercial law, as well as bankruptcy and reorganization law. He advised on investment contracts, as well as transformation, merger, and division of companies. He was also involved in the introduction of one of the clothing sector’s leaders to the NewConnect market.

He handles cases before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection, as well as litigation proceedings related to data protection before administrative courts. He provides advice in the field of implementation of the data protection systems, especially for the entrepreneurs in the field of application of the GDPR. 

He also specializes in the law of the Internet, new technologies law, e-commerce law, and intellectual property law. He advises, among others, a Polish company of one of the leading software developers.

An expert of the Polish Consumers E-commerce Association. An expert in the field of personal data protection of the E-Commerce Poland, Chamber of Digital Economy. Member of the Program Board of the Centre of Personal Data Protection and Management of Information at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz. 

The author and chief editor  of the various publications, including the commentary on the Act of Database Protection, the Consumers Law, Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means, and as well as independent monographs on electronic commerce, and collective monographs concerning the Polish and the European data protection reform.  


Doctor of Laws [Doctor of Juridical Science],
Attorney-at-law training, Attorney- at-Law Association in Lodz,
Graduated in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz,
College of Management, the University of Lodz and Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland,
German Law School, the University of Lodz and Wilhelm University of Münster,
Competition and consumer protection law, post-graduate studies, Jagiellonian University.

  • Spectrum Tower, Twarda 18
    Warsaw ,
    00-105 Poland
  • Tel: +48 22 526 55 20

  • Legnicka 17
    Wroclaw ,
    53-671 Poland
  • Tel: +48 71 735 10 71

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