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Marc Broekema

Firm: BFI Global | Business Value
Country: Netherlands

Practice Area: Business Valuation

  • Koninginneweg 215
    1075 CS
Marc holds a master of science degree in economics and business valuation, and post-master degrees in business valuation and M&A law. He is a seasoned chartered business valuator, involved in complex commercial and shareholder disputes and investigations. He is an expert witness and member of the Dutch National Register of Experts Witnesses (LRGD). Furthermore, Marc is a researcher at Leiden University where he studies decision making in the context of business valuation.

The Firm

BFI Global exists to support shareholders, management and supervisory boards, legal advisors, litigation lawyers, trustees and other business professionals with complex valuation issues, especially in the context of commercial and shareholders disputes. Our valuation and financial expertise is offered in litigation and bankruptcy-related cases, where we provide business valuation analysis, (independent) business reviews, and (forensic) investigations.

Our background and methodology is science driven. In a complex and turbulent world companies face increased risks of drifting into disputes, lawsuits or business failure. It is hardly possible for company leaders to overview all imminent threats. Let alone to act on it at the right time. Decisions are made in a context. Often under uncertainty and stress. At a certain point of time. Looking back explanations often sound too simple. Correlations are easily mixed up with causations. Assumptions are often presented as facts. And hindsight bias is our biggest enemy. Therefore, our approach is focused on objective explanatory stories and refuse to simply hunt for allegedly 'bad apples'.

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