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Gustavo A. Esteban Molina

Firm: Lapadula Esteban Cadenas Abogados
Country: Venezuela

Practice Area: Construction

  • Centro Lido, Torre E, piso 7, of. 71-E.
    Av. Francisco de Miranda,
    El Rosal. Caracas 1060, Venezuela
Practice Areas: Tax Law, Construction and Real Estate Development.
Obtained his law degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in 1995; Master in Law and Economics in 1997 from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello; Master in Tax from Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2001; International Tax Law Program from Robert Kennedy College (Switzerland) in 2008.
Founding partner of Lapadula Esteban Cadenas, S.C. in 2006; former partner with Negrón, Esteban & Asociados in 1998; former associate of the firm Lares Tejera & Negrón, (1994-1998);
Member of the Board of Directors of institutions in the insurance and construction sectors and is responsible for the tax and corporate planning of the largest international construction companies operating in Venezuela.
Fluent in Spanish and English;
Member of the Federal District Bar Association since 1995.

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