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Vita Liberte

Firm: BDO Zelmenis & Liberte
Country: Latvia

Practice Area: Labour and Employment

  • 1-2 Alberta str. (entrance from Antonijas str.),
Career of Vita Liberte was connected with two international audit firms before she founded BDO Zelmenis&Liberte. She achieved her first professional success at the New York firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Having worked hard for three years and gained valuable experience of legal work, she went on to lead Deloitte’s Tax and Legal Practice in Latvia.
She has a Master’s degree in International Law from the New York University. An active member of the American Bar Association, she still has contacts with the US.

As a certified tax consultant, she is thoroughly familiar with tax matters. Her clients include the world‑famous opera singer Elina Garanca, the pop band Brainstorm, and the National Symphony Orchestra of Latvia. She regularly speaks at various local and international conferences, giving papers on topical tax planning matters, including money laundering and terrorist financing. A founder of the Latvian Public and Private

1998-1999 Master's degree in international law. New York University.
1993-1998 Lawyer's qualification. University of Latvia.
Professional experience
2001-2007 Deloitte Latvia. Senior manager.
1999-2001 PricewaterhouseCoopers, the New York office. Senior consultant.
1996-1998 PricewaterhouseCoopers. Legal consultant.

BDO Zelmenis&Liberte was founded on August 1, 2007, when Janis Zelmenis and Vita Liberte left top-level managerial positions in the international audit firm Deloitte Latvia to open their law office in Riga, Latvia. They had known each other for 11 years, gaining valuable experience and earning stellar reputations while working for Price Waterhouse and Deloitte. Together they have devoted themselves to providing superior service and advice to their local, as well as international, clients.

The wealth of experience of its founders and lawyers makes BDO Zelmenis&Liberte the market leader in the area of Tax Law and asset management. At this moment we employ four licensed attorneys as well as several more legal and tax specialists. The firm also specializes in the field of money laundering prevention. BDO Zelmenis & Liberte aims to become one of the largest law firms in Latvia in the very nearest future. To better serve our clients, we also have plans to expand outside Latvian borders.

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