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Antonio Jose Cobo

Firm: COBO abogados
Country: Ecuador

Practice Area: Trade & Investment

  • Baquedano
    E5-92 y R.
Born in Ambato, Ecuador, March 6, 1934.
Education: Doctor in Jurisprudence and Attorney at Law, 1965, Catholic Uníversity of Ecuador.
Experience: Legal and of Aeronautical Director (1974-1979), Ecuadorian of Aviation; Andean Association of Air Lines, AALA, Executive Secretary, (1976 - 1982); Member of the Reputable Advisory Board of Foreign Relationships, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador.
Dignities: Staff Member of internationals experts in a Law of the Peruvian Magazine of Aeronautical Law and of the Space, Member of the Investigation Center and Aeronautical Spatial Law Diffusion of Uruguay, Member Number of the Academy of Law of Quito.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Founded in 1965 by Dr. ANTONIO COBO FOLLECO, COBO Abogados offers legal consulting services in outstanding legal areas, specially those related to commerce and to both national and international investments.
Prominent professionals, carefully selected, provide personalized and specialized counciling in those matters of interest to our clients.
Previous coordination, we offer to our clients and foreign correspondent firms both physical and service facilities to perform their permanent and temporary professional services in Ecuador.

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