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Eno Dodbiba

Country: Albania

Practice Area: Patent

  • Str. Naim Frashëri
    Pa. 60/3, shk1, ap. 16
    Tirana, ALBANIA
Eno DODBIBA has been involved with IP matter, since 1994, initially on the scope of innovation relay centres networking and exchange projects, part of professional projects between Albania and other countries, pertinent to nature resource management.
The patent and trademark attorney work was initiated after the 1995, as an individual licensed activity from the Albania Patent and Trademark office, with a trademark portfolio and patent matters that have been continuously expanding and growing in the successive 18 years. In the frame of this activity, other affiliations have been solicited and several partnerships established aiming information and dissemination of knowledge and experiences on intellectual property matter, as well as implications from the national perspective, in various relevant fields such as economy, industry and science and respective technologies.
Experience is owned in respect with Albanian regulatory frame applied on IP and related matters, transfer of scientific research and its relevance into development of participatory programs/projects nationwide etc. providing liaison to network of professionals, partners and subjects which are all interested and involved directly or indirectly with the IPRs issues.
The IP practice of Mr. Dodbiba has encouraged, stimulated and supported several SME and economic operators with professional assistance in IPRs areas, copyright, legal aspects and the associated problems including also provision of protection of IPRs with the respective Albanian institutions

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