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Stanislav Irsák

Firm: JUDr. Stanislav Irsák , advokát
Country: Slovakia

Practice Area: Foreign Investment

  • Trnavska cesta 27/B
    831 04 Bratislava
    Slovak Republic
Mr. Irsák works mostly in the area of foreign investments and acquisitions, joint ventures and risk capital structures, corporate law, corporate governance, business contracts and telecommunications law. He has got language proficiency in English and German, however, he also has got large experience in lawyer-client communication in other few languages.
Mr. Irsák has received his law degree from the Comenius University School of Law in Bratislava. In 1991 and 1992 he participated in working study in Austria, practicing both in English and in German languages.
Mr. Irsák received his certificate of German language in Goethe Institut Vienna in 1991.
In 1995 he participated in legal practice organized by German Institute for International Legal Relationships,
Deutscher Anwaltsverein and Deutsche Rechtsanwaltskammer in Bonn and he practiced in the law firm Helmke & Partner, Hamburg, Germany.
In December 2002 he participated in workshop on American legal system organized by John Marshall Law School, Chicago, USA.
After his graduation of law school Mr. Irsák worked exclusively in Slovak law firms oriented on international clients, initially as employed lawyer, later as partner or as managing partner.
The Firm
The law firm of JUDr. Stanislav Irsák, Attorney-at-Law operates and provides legal services to its international business clients since 1999.
Present European Union legislature enables the law firm to provide its international clients with its legal services anywhere within the European Union, without having to look for a different law firm in each particular European country. Knowledge of all major European languages, e.g. English, German, French and Russian enables the law firm to provide its clients with the benefit of one law firm around the Europe.
The law firm's strategy is to provide its clients, business entities, with full legal service. Therefore it specializes in corporate law, business law, contract law, financial law, labor law. The services include all aspects of legal life of foreign investments and acquisitions, starting with
- initial acquisitions procedures, such as due diligence procedures, acquisition negotiations, drafting investment and partnership contracts,
- establishing special purpose vehicle companies, getting all kind of licenses for the particular business, provision of outside counsels as company directors and managers,
- corporate governance of the company or joint venture after setting up the structures and rules
- hiring employees and stuff in accordance with local regulations, including all kinds of work contracts, incentive plans, etc.
- exit from investment in regular way typical for financial and strategic investor (based on tag-along, drag-along, sale of the company, etc.
The very special know-how of the law firm is telecom law, legal aspects of broadband and risk capital joint venture structures.

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