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Pengnan Wang

Firm: Wang Pengnan & Co
Country: China

Practice Area: Marine Insurance

  • Room 202, No.5 Building
    Mingzeyuan Garden
    Zhongshan District, Dalian
A Leading Shipping and Commercial Lawyer in P.R. China; A Fair And Commercial Minded Person with High Reputation in the Field.

Prof. WANG(born 1965) has been the youngest professor of maritime law in Dalian Maritime University since 1996. He became a full-time maritime lawyer and a visiting professor of law in 2001. He is also an active CMAC arbitrator and an arbitrator of Dalian Arbitration Commission and Fushun Arbitration Commission. Prof. Wang is a regular speaker in domestic and international law conferences. He is also a member of International Working Group on Marine Insurance of CMI.

Prof. Wang is a leading specialist in the law of marine insurance in China, his main works on the subject include The Law of Marine Insurance Contract (1996, 2 edn.2003), The Institute Clauses (with Mr. Philip Yang ) (1996, 2 ed. 2006), Outline and Comment upon Chinese Marine Insurance Cases (2003 and 2008) and Modern Law and Practice of Marine Insurance (2004). He has also published other text books on Chinese maritime law.

Prof. Wang was a Deck Officer of COSCO Qingdao from 1984 to 1988, and got his LL.M. in Jilin University in 1991. He researched English reinsurance law in University College London as an academic visitor in 1997.

Prof. Wang has practiced maritime and commercial law since 1992. His main clients include P & I Clubs and its correspondences, insurance companies, ship owners, law firms, trade corporations, Shipyard and banks home and abroad.

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