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Prof. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe, LL.M.

Firm: Studio Legale Afferni Crispo & C.
Country: Italy

Practice Area: International Arbitration

  • Via Assarotti, 5-1
    16122 Genoa
Founded in Genoa in 1976 by partners Vittorio Afferni, Lucio Crispo and Anna Maria Buzzoni, Studio Legale Afferni Crispo & C. (SLAC) is a law firm specialized in commercial law and related sectors. In order to meet its national and international clients' needs, the firm currently has two fully staffed offices, in Genoa and Milan, both centrally located.

The expertise of the firm is wide-ranging, as its lawyers provide advice on both judicial and extra-judicial matters.

With regard to litigation, representation is given continuously to clients before all levels of the Italian and EU court system, as well as in the context of national and international arbitration. Moreover, some of the lawyers have served several times as arbitrators and have acquired great familiarity with the rules and procedures that are typical of arbitration proceedings.

SLAC is proud of its close links to the academic world. In fact, Vittorio Afferni and Giorgio Schiano di Pepe have for a long time been professors of the Faculty of Law at the University of Genoa, the former teaching Commercial Law and Insurance Law, the latter Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Law, whilst Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe is, since 2011, associate professor of International and EU Law.

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