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Nguyen Duc Long

Firm: Tri Viet & Associates
Country: Vietnam

Practice Area: Intellectual Property

  • No. 372-374, Cau Giay Street, Cau Giay District


Mr. Nguyen Duc Long is a licensed and registered Lawyer and Patent Attorney in Vietnam. He also is the Founder and Managing Partner of TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES - a full licensed International IP Agent & Law Firm in Vietnam. For more information about TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES and personnel, you are kindly invited to visit

Prior to the foundation of TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES, Mr. Nguyen Duc Long has involved in the field of intellectual property, especially in addressing issues relating to patent since 1992. He was the Head of Patent Department of the Investment Consultancy & IP Company (a first and leading stated owned IP company belonging to Ministry of Science and Technology) from 1992 to 2002, ALPHA Intellectual Property Agent from 2002 to 2004, and TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES from 2004 to present. In the capacity as the Head of Patent Department of these IP firms, Mr. Long has managed and directly handled more than one thousand patent applications (especially PCT applications) of the clients from USA, England, Japan, France, Germany, Korea, Taiwan.... and from other countries around the world. Therefore, Mr. Long has much experience and expertise in patent prosecution, enforcement, litigation and other related-patent issues in Vietnam. These have been certified by Director of the Investment Consultancy & IP Company and recommended by NOIP’s Officers.

Mr. Long was an APAA Patent Committee member of Vietnam Recognized Group in the period of 2009-2012, and in this period, he has made and reported the Vietnam Patent Country Reports at annual APAA council meetings.

Practice Areas

- Patents, Trademarks, Designs, Licensing, Franchising, Technology Transfer, Litigation.

Professional Experience

- 2009-2012: APAA Patent Committee Member of Vietnam Recognized Group.

- 2004 to present: Managing Director, IP Lawyer and Registered Patent Attorney - TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES.

- 2002-2004: Head of Patent Department - Alpha Intellectual Property Law Firm. 

- 1992-2002: Head of Patent Department - Investment Consultancy & IP Company - a first and leading state owned company belonging to Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

- 1989-1991: Physical Engineer - Vietnam National Center for Environmental Protection.

Professional Memberships

- Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF)

- Hanoi Bar Association (HBA)

- Vietnam Intellectual Property Association (VIPA)

- Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)

- International Trademark Association (INTA)


- 1998: LLB - Hanoi Law University.

- 1996: Patenting in Asian Countries course, held by WIPO in Singapore.

- 1996: Sales & Marketing Management course, held by AOTS (Japan) and PSB (Singapore) in Singapore.

- 1988: BSc - Physical Department - Hanoi University of Science - National University of Vietnam.


- Vietnam Patent Country Report – 58th APAA Council Meeting – Korea 2010

- Vietnam Patent Country Report – 59th APAA Council Meeting – Philippines 2011


- Vietnamese, English.


  • 4th Floor, Training Center of Thanh Xuan District, No. 9, Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Thanh Xuan District
    Hanoi , Vietnam
    100000 Vietnam

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