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Petr Rožánek

Firm: Rožánek Advokátní kancelář
Country: Czech Republic

Practice Area: Personal Injury

  • Dvořákova 794
    290 01 Poděbrady
He graduated from the University of Economics and Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. Petr focuses mainly on compensation for personal injury, family law and labor law. After Several years of providing legal services in a law office in Prague,  in 2013 he decided to establish a new law office, Rožánek, located in the spa town of Podebrady, which provides legal services to clients throughout the Czech Republic in particular in the area of ​​compensation for damage to health from work-related injuries and accidents. In this legal specialty he is one of the most popular and successful lawyers. In 2014 Peter was awarded the honorary title Różanka Dr. honoris causa.

The Firm

Rožánek Advokátní kancelář provides professional legal services in the most relevant areas of law in the Czech Republic.

Providing general legal advice lies mainly in consulting and solutions to legal matters in the areas of civil, family, labor, business, criminal, criminal and administrative law, representing clients before courts and public authorities in various types of proceedings, drafting lawsuits, contracts and other documents and also in the verification of signatures and document conversion to / from paper or electronic form.

Specialization and excellent discipline of Attorney is a Rožánek Advokátní kancelář area of ​​compensation, especially compensation for damage to health. Whatever the cause of the damage accident at work, traffic accident, a crime, medical malpractice, illegal decision of a court or public authority or any other breach of contractual or legal obligations, we can show you around the complexity of applying your rights so that you will achieve in most cases full compensation.

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