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Enrique Moller

Firm: ALS Global Law & Accounting
Country: Uruguay

Practice Area: Criminal

  • Soriano 1124
He is a Doctor in Law and Social Sciences from the School of Law of the University of the Republic. Mr. Möller is an associate at ALS Global Law & Accounting and he is a renowned specialist in Criminal Law. 

He has an outstanding professional career as District Attorney; he has also been National Customs District Attorney and District Attorney in criminal matters. 
Concerning the Uruguayan Courts, he has been Justice of the Peace, Judge in Criminal and Juvenile matters –first instance, Judge of first instance in Criminal matters in Montevideo and many Municipalities of Uruguay. 

As an international consultant, Mr. Enrique Möller advices many municipalities in his country; he is also a lecturer at the Legal Studies Center in Criminal and Intellectual Property matters. He also has a Master degree in Economic Administrative Law from Universidad de Montevideo (U.M.). 

He is also a trainer in Asset Laundering Prevention, certified by the International Compliance Association. (ICA) 

He is an associate at ALS Global Law & Accounting, a former Judge and District Attorney as well as a key reference in Criminal Law issues; Mr. Möller is the author of many publications such as: “Infringements and Criminal Penalties related to copyright and related rights”; “An approach to the present state of jurisprudence concerning informatics criminality”; “Criminal responsibility in informatics matters in Uruguay”; and “Criminal prosecution in the law of copyright and related rights”. 
As a renowned jurist, he has collaborated in many law drafts, such as: “law on copyright and related”, and “law on the strengthening of the prevention and control system for asset laundering and terrorism financing”.

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