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Matthias Gieseking

Firm: Jacobsen + Confurius
Country: Germany

Practice Area: Company

  • DOCK 47
    Pinnasberg 47
    20359 Hamburg
Matthias Gieseking was born in Buchholz in 1968.

He was admitted to practice as a lawyer in 1996.

Training: Hamburg and Freiburg Universities; research assistant at Hamburg University's Institute for Basic Civil Law Research from 1993 to 1995; Guest lecturer at Hamburg University from 1995 to 1996. He is a member of the Hamburg Lawyers' Association.

Foreign languages: English.

Specialisations: Trade and company law, transaction advice (mergers & acquisitions, purchase and development of property).

The Firm

Personal exchange and waiving unnecessary formalities characterise our daily work. With eleven lawyers we are small enough to take this for granted – and large enough to competently handle comprehensive mandates with multidisciplinary and international relationships.

Today, specialisation is essential. Therefore we are working predominantly in three areas: Regarding the collective and individual labour law we have profound knowledge and many years of experience. Regarding general civil and commercial law, we have a long track record and focus in the area of franchise and transport law. Regarding transaction consultation (mergers + acquisitions), we are also highly specialised. During consultation, questions from different fields often come up. We ensure that the most competent contacts are included and that all current developments are taken into account.

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