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Emma Lejeune

Firm: Legacy Consulting Limited
Country: Gibraltar

Practice Area: Private Client

  • First Floor
    Royal Ocean Plaza
    42 Ocean Village Avenue
Legacy Consulting offers a tailored boutique service to individuals who either wish to relocate to and/or set up asset protection and wealth management structures in Gibraltar.
We provide a range of different services including legal and tax advisory; establishment of family governance frameworks; succession planning, wills and probate; advice on structuring; property; philanthropy; and education of next generation.
In particular, we are able to assist with cross border matters and have established a vast network of international advisers and intermediaries with whom we work to ensure that the client not only has the best service available but is also implementing the best solution, taking into account the laws and requirements of other jurisdictions.
We also deal with administrative functions and offer a concierge service designed to minimise our clients' administrative burdens in dealing with trivial day to day affairs.

We provide the following services:
- Legal and tax advisory services to individuals and corporations;
- Advising on the establishment of asset holding and wealth management structures;
- Assistance with the structuring of international businesses and business interests;
- Advice and assistance on the establishment of family offices and implementation of family governance frameworks;
- Succession planning, wills and probate;
- Education of next generations on family wealth structures;
- Philanthropy;
- Assistance with all aspects of relocation;
- Property;
- Concierge services

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