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Markus Dörig

Firm: Badertscher Rechtsanwälte AG
Country: Switzerland

Practice Area: Company

  • Mühlebachstrasse 32
    Postfach 769
    CH-8024 Zurich
Education and experience
- Universities of Zurich and Geneva (lic.iur. 1984)
- Court Secretary in District Court (1984-1985)
- Law Firm Zurich (1985-1987)
- Dr.iur. and Bar Exams (1987)
- Foreign Associate at Chicago's leading law firm (1988)
- Lawyer at Law Firm in Zurich (1989-1993)
- Partner at Law Firm in Zurich (1993-1996)
- Partner / Founding Member of Badertscher Attorneys at law (since 1996)
- Various board memberships of corporations in private industry

- Zurich attorneys' association (ZAV)
- Swiss Lawyers Association (SAV)
- International Bar Association (IBA)
- Swiss Association for Taxation
- International Fiscal Association (IFA)
- Center For International Legal Studies, Salzburg (CILS)
- International Law Office (ILO)

Preferred fields of activity
- Company law and contracts
- M & A
- Insurance (liability and regulatory)
- Labor law, recruitment and employment (also regulatory)
- Corporate succession and entrepreneurship
- Private Clients (Family Office)
- Tax law and tax planning
- Commercial Litigation, mediation and arbitration


- German
- English
- French

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