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Rob Baumgardt

Firm: Baumgardt Strafcassatie Advocatuur
Country: Netherlands

Practice Area: Cassation

  • Vasteland 78
    3011 BN
Mr. R.J. (Rob) Baumgardt has been a lawyer since 1987. As a lawyer, he has been applying quite quickly to criminal matters such as the "Bolderkar affair". The battle of the accused individual or the accused company against the powerful government device offered and offers a lot of inspiration. In addition, it appeared that in almost every criminal case a legal defense could be instituted. The investigation, substantiation and extension of such a defense are parts of the criminal law case that specifically appeal to him.
In 1995 he founded an office in Spijkenisse. From the start of that office, he only deals with criminal cases. Afterwards, a further specialization followed. Cassation procedures also showed that a legal defense can almost always be conducted. Proposing arguments on the basis of which a ruling of the trial court must be destroyed by the Supreme Council offers a lot of satisfaction. Where the jurisprudence's judgment is contrary to the case law of the Supreme Court, this case-law must be called upon. If the verdict does not violate the Supreme Court case law, all causes of this case-law are critical to keep an eye on whether this case-law should be amended. This point of departure and enthusiasm has been noted by many fellow criminal law attorneys. In particular, these specialists who have referred their clients refer to "Spijkenisse's wizard".

Currently he handles over 200 cassation cases a year. An objective overview of cassation cases treated by him can be found on the website of

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