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Francesco D’Angelo

Firm: Tombari D'Angelo e Associati
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Commercial

  • Piazza Indipendenza, 21
Throughout his career, he has developed substantial experience both in Court litigation, arbitration proceedings and out-of-court matters in the fields of company law, financial markets law, banking law, bankruptcy law and law pertaining to companies undergoing difficulties. In particular, he has advised and assisted clients in relation to extraordinary transactions and private equity operations as well as debt restructuring transactions, operations for the reorganization of companies undergoing difficulties, insolvency proceedings.

He is an Associate Professor of Commercial Law at the Law School of the University of Florence, where he teaches Commercial Law.

Mr. D’Angelo graduated in Law from the Law School of the University of Florence, with highest distinction cum laude. After receiving a Ph.D. in Commercial Law from the University of Brescia, he was a researcher in Commercial Law at the University of Florence.

In addition to university teaching, Mr. D’Angelo teaches Commercial Law at many entities, institutions and postgraduate schools, including Notarial School and the Postgraduate School for Legal Professions of the Florence Law School.

He is a frequent speaker at seminars, congresses and conventions.

He is a member of the Tuscan division of AIDA, Associazione internazionale di diritto delle assicurazioni (international association of insurance law), and is a member of the Florence editorial board of the legal journals “Giurisprudenza commerciale”, “Rivista di diritto societario”, “Diritto fallimentare e delle obbligazioni”.

His publications include papers in corporate and banking law, bankruptcy and commercial law

He is a member of the Bar Association of Florence, admitted to the Supreme Court.

He speaks English.

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