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Rana Sajjad Ahmad

Firm: Rana Ijaz & Partners
Country: Pakistan

Practice Area: International Arbitration

  • R A Tower, 7-A Turner Road

Rana Sajjad is a Partner at the law firm of Rana Ijaz & Partners and the Founder & President of the Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration (CIICA), Pakistan’s first international arbitration center. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and a dual-licensed lawyer having over 15 years’ experience of practicing law in Pakistan and the U.S. He has advised clients in the energy, technology, telecom, manufacturing and retail sectors on business establishment, regulatory compliance, contracts and dispute resolution. In the area of contracts, he has advised clients on EPC contracts, franchise agreements and joint venture agreements. He has also represented clients before courts and arbitral tribunals in matters involving contractual and commercial disputes.  

He is one of only two practising lawyers in Pakistan who have attained fellowship of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

Before joining the Lahore-based law firm of Rana Ijaz & Partners in September, 2008, Sajjad worked in the U.S. for some leading large law firms including Fulbright & Jaworski.  His practice areas in the U.S. included international commercial arbitration, securities & capital markets, antitrust law and mergers & acquisitions.

Recent speaking engagements and training workshops 
- “Innovation and Improvement in the Service of E-Commerce Dispute Settlement”, The 2nd Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Summit, Hangzhou, November 2017
- “Arbitration and Legal Drafting” Lahore High Court Bar Association training workshop, Lahore, October 2017
- “Written Advocacy in International Arbitration”, Young International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) training workshop, Lahore, April 2017
- “Roundtable Conference on Arbitration 2016”, Lahore, December 2016
- “Comparative Study on Legal Education and Ethics in Two Islamic Neighbor Countries: Current Situation and Future Perspectives”, International Legal Ethics Conference VII 2016, New York, July 2016

Selected publications
“CPEC: ABCs of commercial investment dispute resolution (Tribune, Nov 2017)
“The disaster of international arbitration of RPPs” (Tribune, Sep 2017);
“Reko Diq case” (Dawn, Apr 2017);
“Legal ramifications of India’s unilateral withdrawal from IWT” (Tribune, Oct 2016);
“Reko Diq arbitration: Can there be a settlement?” (Tribune, Aug 2015);
“Importance of international arbitration” (Tribune, May 2015);
“Amending laws to allow Chinese investment” (Tribune, Jan 2014);
“Reko Diq: the other side” (Dawn, Feb 2013);
“Reko Diq muddle” (Tribune, Feb 2012);
Global Arbitration Review (March, 2012): Comments on the international arbitration issues involved in Pakistan Supreme Court’s proceedings in the Reko Diq case in particular and Pakistan’s arbitration law in general were published in this issue.

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