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Sally-Ann Dickinson

Firm: Briar House Ltd
Country: United Kingdom - England

Practice Area: Nursing Expert Witness

  • 5 St Giles Close, Holme
    Cambridgeshire PE7 3QZ
Sally-Ann Dickinson can act as an expert witness, including the preparation of medico legal reports and appearing in court, in cases involving her specialist areas of expertise. These include head, back and spinal injuries as well as neurological disorders.

She is experienced in nursing and residential home management and clinical negligence issues and has acted as a Coroners Expert.

Sally-Ann Dickinson can provide expert opinion on care, care standards and rehabilitation resulting from catastrophic injury or clinical negligence and case management for individuals as required.

Areas include:

Nursing matters generally, including nursing.
Orthopaedics, fractures and surgery.
Spine and neck injury and surgery.
Head, brain and spinal cord disease and injury.
Neurological problems.
General surgery.
Accident and trauma surgery.
Nursing management and competence.
Nursing home registration and inspection.
Nursing home standards of care.
Disability rights and discrimination.
Physically disabled people.
Personal injury rehabilitation.
Requirements and costs of care, housing, equipment.
Analysis and quantification of personal care needs.
Medical, nursing care and housekeeping requirements.
Rehabilitation assessment and costing.
Case management (disability).

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