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Dr. Marko Petek, odvetnik

Firm: Odvetniška pisarna Petek, d.o.o.
Country: Slovenia

Practice Area: Internet & E-Commerce

  • Dunajska cesta 51
    SI - 1000
In 1994, he was employed by the police and at the beginning of his work, he graduated from the Higher School of the Interior (1997) and later from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (2002). In 2006, he received his MA in the same law school, followed a law-exam in 2007 and, in 2013, a PhD in the field of media law.

He has performed numerous tasks in the field of traffic, protection of persons and objects, protection of money transport, and in the last years he worked at the economic police department of the criminal police.

He is the author of several articles and articles, he lectured at various seminars, and his goal in life is to solve their problems. Problems often begin with law, and the solution is always sought broader than merely in legal norms. Already Cicero said that the highest law can be the biggest injustice, so the problems need to be addressed in a comprehensive and cum grano salis (with a touch of salt). Solving legal problems is often associated with a lot of nerves, stress, and, last but not least, cost, so the wisdom of alignment and relaxation at the right time is sometimes the greatest victory!

Articles and published literature:
- Some investigative acts in criminal proceedings: (house search, personal investigation and seizure of objects): thesis, 1997,
- Civil Society and State Police: Thesis, 2002,
- Vehicles with a built-in video surveillance system, Legal Practice, 3/2003, p. 14-15,
- Traffic safety distance, Legal Practice, 13/2003, p. 8-9,
- Money Claims and Claims, Legal Practice 45/2003, p. 12,
- Formulation and adoption of implementing regulations: Master's thesis, 2006,
- Civil Law Responsibility of the Media for Interference with Personality Rights: Doctoral Dissertation, 2013,
- Penal damages in the event of an interference with personal rights, Lawyer 3/2014, p. 10-12,
- Internet - the fastest growing medium, Tax-fin-lex, 08/20/2014.

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