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María Jesús Serrano Conde

Firm: Serrano Alberca & Conde
Country: Spain

Practice Area: Compulsory Purchase

  • Av. de Barajas 24, 1ª planta derecha
    Parque empresarial Omega, Edificio Gamma
    28108 Alcobendas – Madrid
Maria Jesus is a Partner of the firm specializing in the areas of Urban Planning and Compulsory Purchase Law, Financial and Tax Law, and Civil Law. Her practice is essentially focused on processes related to claims for the highest fair value in the framework of compulsory purchase orders, both in the administrative and judicial stage. She is also highly specialized in Tax and wealth planning for high net worth individuals and companies. Furthermore, she addresses civil law matters such as successions, obligations and contracts as well as matters concerning real property rights.

She previously worked as a lawyer at the Law firm of Luis María Cazorla Prieto, a reknowned Tax Law Professor and Legal Counsel to the Spanish Parliament , where she was able to apply the knowledge gained during public examinations and enriched her experience in Financial and Tax Law.

María Jesús holds a Degree in Law with Honours from the Complutense University in Madrid. Moreover, she prepared for the state examination to join the Corps of Notaries for a period of four years, acquiring a deep and sound knowledge of Civil, Corporate and Registry Law as well as the capacity to link very diverse issues and concepts.

María Jesús has joined the Universidad Europea of Madrid as a Professor of Planning Law in its Master of Law for school year 2017-2018.

María Jesús speaks English and French and is fluent in German.

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