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Roy Reding

Firm: Étude Reding
Country: Luxembourg

Practice Area: Litigation

  • 20, rue de l'Eau
Born 1965, Roy REDING joined the Luxembourg bar in 1990 , after obtaining his “ master in business law” ( University of Strasbourg – France) and a first experience as in-house lawyer with then BANQUE GENERALE DU LUXEMBOURG SA.

In 1993 he established is own law firm ( REDING & FELTEN) and is concentrating on litigation , real estate and family-office activities since 2003.

He acted during long years as “ justice of the Peace” and became member of Luxembourg Parliament in 2013.

The Firm

Our firm is comprised of 5 experienced lawyers, under the leadership of Roy Reding, who has been a member of the Luxembourgish Bar since 1990.

We mainly focus on advising and solving problematic situations, be it by avoiding cases before they come to Court, or defending you in front of all types of Court in Luxembourg with respect to Civil, Commercial or Administrative law.

The importance of the Financial Centre in Luxembourg, and the continued bank secrecy available to Luxembourgish residents, have led us to expand into fiduciary work, as well as lead a "family office", and continue our domiciliation of Luxembourgish companies.

Based on the case's demands, we can count on a wide, cross-border network of lawyers throughout Europe and the world who share our philosophy: open, pragmatic, and an emphasis on being close to the client.

Amongst our capabilities is the possession of a wide range of languages. Our lawyers can advise you in Luxembourgish, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

Civil law
Matrimonial law
Public law
Labour law
Real Estate law
Corporate law
Family Office

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