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Juan Carlos Valero

Firm: Valero Abogados
Country: Spain

Practice Area: Business

  • C/ Miguél Ángel Nº4 Bajo 10
The law firm VALERO ABOGADOS has a strong reputation in the legal world with a tradition of more than five generations of lawyers.

Going back in time, our forebear Juan Valero y Soto was admitted to the Bar Association of Madrid in December 1842, with member number 3.634.

Thereby began a saga that was carried on by his son Juan Valero de Tornos (admitted in 1.864) and his grandson Luis Valero Martin (admitted in 1895).

They were subsequently followed by Luis Valero Caminero (admitted in 1930) and Luis Valero Lerma (admitted in 1955), whose eldest son, Luis Valero Quirós (admitted in 1982) set out the new criteria of the firm for his brother, JUAN CARLOS VALERO QUIRÓS (admitted in 1994) who currently runs VALERO ABOGADOS together with another brother, JAVIER VALERO QUIRÓS (admitted in 1990).

Today, VALERO ABOGADOS offers a comprehensive service to both individuals and companies, as well as to foundations, associations, corporations and public institutions.

Our business focuses primarily on the areas of Civil, Commercial, Procedural, Tax, Labour and Insurance law, as well as an extensive experience in Fashion and New Technologies law. We also offer real estate consultancy and perform Asset Management for our clients.

We are therefore prepared to meet all the demands of our clients either with our own resources or, if the occasion so requires, in conjunction with associate firms.

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