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John Deane

Firm: Gannons
Country: United Kingdom - England

Practice Area: Commercial

  • 20-21 Jockey's Fields
    WC1R 4BW
I like to encourage creativity, skill and talent where there is potential for wealth and job creation.  I have over 25 years’ experience providing commercial legal services to SMEs and their investors.  I am a mentor for new creative in London.

Client care is paramount and means keeping clients happy by finding out what they want and dealing with the matters quickly and cost effectively. Quality advice must be affordable and provide effective outcomes. I am a partner charged with delivery of our objectives.

I have experience of many contractual issues a business may encounter whether at strategic or negotiation stage.

My experience includes customer and supplier agreements for goods and/ or services, framework agreements procurement and supply chain arrangements, franchise distribution and agency arrangements, e-commerce, internet related agreements, software development agreements, IP/IT related contracts and licensees, consultancy and marketing agreements, advertising and promotion agreements, outsourcing, confidentiality, data protection and privacy issues, technology agreements.

Media and Entertainment
Areas of experience include advertising, brands, digital media, film and theatre, live events, public art and sculpture, publishing, television, visual arts and interactive media.

I have experience of many corporate and commercial transactions with which an SME or investor is likely to be involved including mergers and acquisitions, asset and business sales and purchases, private equity, restructuring, corporate, recovery joint venture, shareholders’ and LLP agreements.

The immense upheaval in the legal services industry in recent years has required a flexible approach when dealing with increasingly digital clients with high expectations who want consistent experiences.

Partnerships and LLPs
I have experience of all aspects of the relationship between partners and LLP members, including:

Partnership and LLP Agreements
Forming a Partnership or Joint Venture
Partnership Disputes
Suspending or expelling a partner
Clients invariably prefer to resolve disputes without costly and lengthy litigation.

As a qualified mediator I am able to provide businesses with a simple low-cost method of resolving a wide range of disputes out of court.

Regulation and compliance
Businesses in many sectors are having to deal with more and more regulation. I have advised clients in sectors such as financial services, the professions including law, health, energy & utilities.

Why I love my job
I enjoy the dynamism and diversity of entrepreneurship, particularly in the creative industries. It is rewarding to develop relationships with a view to improving my clients’ control over their businesses, improving their knowledge and expertise. There is a buzz to Gannons which rubs off.

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