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Claude Nicati

Firm: Étude Nicati Vara Bigler
Country: Switzerland

Practice Area: Criminal

  • Faubourg du Lac 2
    Rue du Seyon 8A, Case postale 2268
    CH-2001 Neuchâtel
- Attorney at the Neuchâtel Bar
- Member of the Council of the Bar Association of Neuchâtel (OAN) as treasurer
- Member of the Swiss Federation of Lawyers (FSA)
- Member of the International Criminal Bar (International, Criminal Bar, BPI - ICB)
- Accredited Lawyer at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands (ICC - ICC)
- Attorney at the International Criminal Court (ICCBA-ABCPI)
- Member of the International Union of Lawyers (UIA)
- 2nd Vice-President of the Criminal Commission of the International Union of Lawyers
- Regular speaker at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

- Law degree from the University of Lausanne in 1983
- Certificate of Lawyer of the Canton of Bern (Switzerland) in 1986
- Vice commander of the municipal police Biel (BE) and the cantonale police neuchâteloise (1986 - 1996)
- Neuchatel Investigate Magistrate (1997 - 2001)
- Deputy Attorney General of the Swiss Confederation (2001 - 2009)
- Neuchâtel State Councilor (Minister) in charge of the Department of Territorial Management (DGT) (2009 - 2013)
- President of the Government of the République and Canton of Neuchâtel (2010-2011)
- Member of the boards of directors and foundation (2013 -)
- Member of the charities and sports associations committee
- President of the Neuchâtel section of the NOMES (New Swiss European Movement)

- Criminal Law
- International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
- Administrative law and public law
- Construction and planning law
- Energy and communication law
- Traffic law
- Right of persons and family
- Real rights
- Contract law (lease, work, etc.)
- Civil liability law
- Company Law and Commercial Law
- Social insurance law (AI, unemployment insurance ...)
- Forced execution (bankruptcy, prosecution, etc.)
- Private International Law
- Assistance and advice in arbitration proceedings

Mr. Claude Nicati was born on March 10, 1957. He is married, has three children and is a grandfather, and has been living since 1990 in the canton of Neuchâtel.
After university studies in Lausanne, then a training of lawyer in the canton of Bern, he held positions of manager and magistrate in the whole chain of the criminal investigation and is thus able to advise usefully the persons involved, in whatever capacity, in a proceeding.
His work in the Neuchâtel court for more than four years allows him to know practically what are the difficulties and what are the demands placed on the magistrate so that a file can be sent to court. This experience is precious today.
At the level of the Confederation, in his capacity as Deputy Prosecutor General, he headed for eight years teams of federal prosecutors in charge of the fight against serious international crime (organized crime, money laundering, terrorism, etc.). ). He personally also conducted sensitive investigations in these areas and supported the prosecution in the Federal Criminal Court (TPF). These activities have opened many doors to him internationally, still very useful today.
He still had the privilege, within the military justice, to be successively judge of instruction, auditor (prosecutor) then president of court. He was in charge of the only war crimes cases tried in Switzerland. This experience is rare and profitable.
Finally, the four-year term he has served as State Counselor of the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel in charge of the Territory Management Department (DGT, currently DDTE) is also an asset. During this term, he had the privilege of chairing the Conference of Directors of Transport of Western Switzerland (CTSO) and the Council of Public Authorities of EOS Holding.
He is also the author of two publications related to his previous activities as a prosecutor.

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