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Thorir Skarphedinsson

Firm: Lögfræðistofa Reykjavíkur
Country: Iceland

Practice Area: Commercial

  • Borgartúni 25
    105 Reykjavík
Graduated from the University of Iceland in 200 with a first ranking grade. Admitted to the bar in 2003. Certified as an accredited securities broker in 2008. Graduated from the University of Lund, Sweden, in 2011. 
Thorir is an experienced attorney that has significant working experience from both the private sector and public administration. For the past years Thorir has focused on providing expert services to organizations and domestic and foreign companies. Previously he was the CEO of an investment firm and legal counsel for Straumur investment bank. During his time in public administration Thorir worked for the ministry of Industries and the ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. For the past years Thorir has lectured on Corporate law at the University of Iceland’s department of continuing education.

English, Danish and Swedish.

Fields of expertise
Corporate law,
Contract and sales law,
Insolvency and restructuring,
Torts law,
Competition law,
European law,
Property law and mortgage law,
Criminal law,

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