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Dr. Gerd Müller-Volbehr

Firm: ACURIS Rechtsanwälte
Country: Germany

Practice Area: Employment Litigation

  • Ludwigstraße 11
Practice Areas:
- Labour Law
- Corporate Law
- Commercial Law
Education and professional experience:
- Universities of Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg (Ph.D.) and Paris-Assas (Licence en Droit)
- Attorney at Law with an international law firm in Munich, Germany
- Founder of ACURIS Attorneys at Law

The Firm

We do not produce standard solutions, but develop innovative approaches to our client's needs based on a diligent analysis of all legal and economic facts and circumstances. To achieve the best possible results, we work together with external and independent tax consultants, auditors and business consultants.

In legal disputes we represent the interests of our clients in lawsuits in the relevant courts.

Personal continuity in the client-attorney relationship ensures an individualized relationship based on trust, and creates an ideal basis for our client's success and satisfaction. Loyalty and confidentiality are of primary importance.

We advise, negotiate and conclude contracts in German, English and French.

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