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Sabine Schenk

Firm: Anwaltskanzlei Schenk Datenschutz Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Country: Germany

Practice Area: Industrial Property

  • Auf der Wies 18
    87727 Babenhausen
Practice areas
- data protection
- IT law
- General contract and liability law 

Intellectual Property
- International trademark protection
- competition law
- copyright
- advertising law
- media law
- Patentlitigation 

Languages (business fluent ):
- German
- English
- Spanish 

Ms Sabine Schenk completed her law studies at the Universities of Munich, Salamanca and Würzburg.

In 2007, she completed the study program European and International Law, which entitles her to the title of "Europajuristin (University of Würzburg)". In this context, she specialized in international intellectual property, IT law and contract law

After graduation, she led her legal work to New York, Barcelona, ​​Munich and Kaiserslautern. 

There she worked as a trainee lawyer in the following areas: 

German American Chambers of Commerce, New York / German-American Chambers of Commerce - Commercial law consulting for companies about company founding in USA and Germany
International office chain, Barcelona, ​​Spain - preparation of international contracts and reports
District Court of Kaiserslautern, Appeal Chamber - Rechtsreferendartätigkeiten
S üddeutscher Verlag GmbH - employee of the legal department of the Süddeutsche Verlag GmbH
After passing the second state law exam, she has been granted the right to use the title "lawyer".

Since 2011 she works as a lawyer. 

Due to the interest in IP law, lawyer Schenk graduated in 2013 as a specialist lawyer for intellectual property law. 
Ms. Schenk is also a TÜV certified and certified data protection officer. 
In addition to her work as a lawyer and data protection officer, lawyer Schenk also provides training courses, seminars and in-house training sessions on numerous topics relating to data protection.

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Industrial Property - Germany

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