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Erez Schneorson

Firm: E. Schneorson, Diab & Co.
Country: Israel

Practice Area: Insurance Litigation

  • 92 Yigal Alon St.
    Ashdar Center, Entrance E, 4th floor
    Tel Aviv
Member of the Israeli Insurance Law Association. A member of the Torts Committee of the Israel Bar Association. Ranked constantly as a leading Insurance law firm by Duns 100 & BDI. A judge at the National Disciplinary Court of the Israel Bar Association. Winner insurance & reinsurance law firm of the year. Writes and lectures in advanced studies programs for attorneys and in other forums. Writes a regular column in ADIF insurance weekly magazine and pension. A mediator and arbitrator. Adv. Schneorson possesses wide experience in tort and insurance claims and in representing insured opposite the insurance companies. He consults insured and law firms in insurance cases and accompanies insurance events as part of negotiations and in conducting proceedings in courts across the country. Erez deals with both Israeli and international clients.

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