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Michaël Majster

Firm: CBR & Associés
Country: France

Practice Area: Media

  • 20, avenue de l'Opéra
Michaël Majster has been partner with the firm since 2015.
He specializes in the media and intellectual property sector.
He intervenes essentially, as well in advise as in litigation in the sectors of the musical industry, audio-visual and multimedia. He also has a well-known practice in computer law, press law and advertising. He advises clients belonging to the entire creative and operational chain: artists, authors, phonographic and performance producers, publishers, distributors, broadcasting organizations, collecting societies, etc.

Career history
- Since 2015 : Partner of CBR & Partners
- 2004-2015 : Michaël Majster Law Office
- 1997-2004 : Associate at SCM Pouget-Ryterband, Gilles Vercken Law Office and Denton Wilde Sapte

- DEA in private law (Paris I Jacques Ghestin)
- DEA of Literary and Artistic Property Paris II (Pierre-Yves Gautier)

- French
- English

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