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Angus Forsyth

Firm: Angus Forsyth & Co
Country: Hong Kong

Practice Area: Advertising

  • Office A, 16/F, Hillier Commercial Building
    65-67 Bonham Strand
    Sheung Wan
Practice area and legal specialisations
commercial and company, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, information technology, advertising law and personal data privacy

Angus Forsyth was admitted as a solicitor in England in 1970 and in Hong Kong in 1971. He was one of the four original founders of the well established local Hong Kong law firm of Stevenson, Wong & Co in 1978 and from which he retired in 2017.    

Professional qualifications
Solicitor of the High Court of England and Wales in 1970;
Guildford Law College; Law Society; England (Part II Qualifying Examination, 1970)Solicitor of the 
High Court of Hong Kong in 1971; and as Notary Public of Hong Kong in 1978.
Language: English.

He has represented a wide range of private and corporate clients in all aspects of commercial and company, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory law of insurance, securities and futures, immigration, intellectual property and information technology, advertising and personal data privacy and commercial and residential tenancies.  

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