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Ruth Dayan Wolfner, Adv

Firm: Ruth Dayan Law Firm
Country: Israel

Practice Area: Trust & Wills

  • The Fourth Floor 28 (North Tower 10)
    Tel Aviv
Ruth Dayan-Wolfner, a divorce attorney, heads the firm of Ruth Dayan, who is a senior member of the law firm of family law.
The firm, which was established in 1998 and since then has grown and is now one of the largest law firms in the field of family law.
The firm employs an extensive team of divorce lawyers and jurists with specific expertise in family and inheritance law.
For the past 11 years, the firm has been rated by Dun & Bradstreet and BDI as one of the leading family law firms.
Attorney Ruth Dayan-Wolfner is an expert in family law, mediator and notary, who since her certification has managed hundreds of complex family law cases in all their aspects.

A divorce lawyer
Ruth Dayan-Wolfner holds a LL.B. degree from Tel-Aviv University and has completed her academic studies with honors, and Ruth Dayan-Wolfner holds a degree in Criminology from Bar-Ilan University.
After her certification as a member of the Israel Bar Association, Adv. Ruth Dayan-Wolfner has completed numerous family law training programs in Israel and even a special training course in New York in the area of ​​joint mediation.
Family Law Attorney Ruth Dayan-Wolfner is one of the authors of the Israeli Divorce Guide, which since its publication in 2003 has served as a guide for thousands of divorces.

Advocate Ruth Dayan Wolfner is the initiator and founder of the divorce portal Up - one of the leading sites in its field - as well as the Lareshet Wills and Legacies portal dealing with inheritance law .
In 2014, attorney Ruth Dayan Wolfner launched the first divorce application of its kind in Israel, which helps to plan the arrangements for contact with children throughout the divorce years.
Her professional articles are frequently published in the media, such as Globes, Ynet, Calcalist and Finance.
Divorce and Notary Ruth Dayan Wolfner is known for her uncompromising professionalism, comprehensive understanding of all the complex aspects of  family law  in all its aspects, personal attention to the client and effective results that are expressed in achieving the client's goals.
Attorney Ruth Dayan Wolfner from a depth report about her published in April 2015 in the prestigious Lady Globes magazine:
The combination of the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to know how the portfolio will look at the first consultation session, together with the ability to distinguish between the main and the treatment, and to choose the strongest claims for the client.

I also have quick thinking and responsiveness in real time, that is, in the courtroom.

"When I appear in court, and especially when I'm investigating cross-examination, the whole world is gone, I activate a tiger's instincts-responding at the speed of light, thinking a few steps forward, not letting go until I get what I want. 
I can come ill for a discussion, and as soon as I have to investigate, everything disappears. I can stand for three to four hours on high heels and cross-examine without realizing that time has passed."

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