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Rahman Hyatt

Firm: Minesoft
Country: United Kingdom - England

Practice Area: Online Patent Solutions

  • Shearwater House, The Green
    TW9 1PX

Rahman has over 20 years’ experience in the Patent Information Industry and has been at Minesoft since the early history of the company. He grew up in France, Switzerland and the UK, and as a tri-lingual Business Studies graduate he gained experience in the Intellectual Property Field at Questel.Orbit and Dialog before joining Minesoft, working with companies on site in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. 
Having trained clients on patent and trademark search tools extensively during his early career and acted as a Sales Manager across Europe, Rahman is an experienced senior member of the management team, a board director and shareholder of Minesoft. He plays an active role in business and product development and leads specific development projects for corporate clients in addition to overseeing the global sales and client services teams, combining his expertise in technology and patents.
Minesoft is a London-based private and profitable company and has built expert enterprise solutions for a user base of 70,000 people, many from Fortune 100/FTSE100 organizations, by incorporating world class patent data for personnel across the entire IP lifecycle. The product suite includes patent search & integrated analytics, unique alerting and distribution tools used by lawyers, information specialists, paralegals, and licensing executives. Minesoft hosts the world’s largest, most comprehensive, cleanest, reliable patent data for critical business decision making of our clients and for all stakeholders.
Minesoft search platforms all include fully integrated analytics capabilities supporting both expert and casual users’ needs surrounding patentability, freedom-to-operate, validity, and competitive/business intelligence. Proprietary tools such as API links directly to US PAIR data as well as integrated global litigation information, automated US PAIR monitoring, global legal status from national offices, unique family tree access, automated IDS creation, all in sharable formats for internal or external user/clients. 

Minesoft continues to innovate wherever there is a gap in the market, providing time-saving and cost-effective solutions to help professionals protect, monitor and build on their own and other’s intellectual property. The range of products available vary from patent searching, IP document retrieval, powerful analysis and competitive intelligence systems.
Pat-KM, for instance, was originally conceived as a much-needed way for companies to archive their internal data but has since evolved into a system that can monitor key technologies or competitors, acting as an early warning system for a corporation – especially important in today’s world where technologies are changing before our eyes faster than ever before. In addition to constant surveillance of a technological field, Pat-KM offers the ability for data to be tagged and annotated by experts within a company, helping companies to develop their own powerful resource of inhouse expertise that isn’t lost once a staff member leaves or retires.

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