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Wayne Conyers

Country: United Kingdom - England

Practice Area: Technology Services

  • 65 Tontine St,
    CT20 1JR
I have been working with IT Support and Service companies from around the globe for over 20 years,
Even now service delivery across countries is fractured in the way it delivers service, manages calls and deploys projects.
Often systems have to be linked in order to communicate and the delivery struggles to reach the levels it requires.

Our service portal (the platform) puts together the IT Support and Service providers I work with around the globe and unifies them on a single platform.

Our customers, clients and channel partners can sit at a desk and have a complete overview of your support status, even if you are working in multiple countries. 
We specifically designed our system from the ground up, it allows us to link it to all of our providers and link our clients to those services.

We also have an active ever growing base of IT Providers and those that pass our due diligence are added to the service stream for our clients to review and then build direct relationships with.

Personally, I am a strong believer in networks and we are linked around the world. Our customers can speak directly to our partners around the world and for the first time really deliver Unified IT and Support Services with a Global Mindset.

Our business is primarily based in the UK with our service desk based in Serbia and a recent Irish Operation to ensure continued smooth operation within the EU.
We work with all of our providers and partners around the work to ensure you get the service from the providers in the Country.
We work directly with the organisations who provide and deliver the on the ground services.  the services. 
Engineer and technicians  update our system to close the calls which feed back directly and live to you.

We are transparent in our business process, and truly believe we provide a complete solution for service management across the Globe!

Coverage is Global, offering services in over 140 Countries, directly with local or country service providers. 
Specialities: IT networks and Partnerships, IT solutions including resource, recruitment, project management, contract management, help-desks, telecommunications, infrastructure and on the ground support when its needed most.
Full offerings in UK, Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and China.

Reducing the overall layered margin on contracts by working directly with the end service providers

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