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Knut Olsen

Firm: Dr. K. Olsen Global Tax
Country: Norway

Practice Area: Tax Advisory

  • Lachmannsvei 6E
    O495 Oslo
• Chartered Global Tax Practitioner
• Chartered Transfer Pricing Specialist
• Chartered Anti-Corruption Consultant
• Chartered Risk Analyst
• Global Tax Lawyer
• Adjunct Global Tax Professor
• Certified ISO Auditor
• PhD International Taxation
• Head of Global Tax & Legal
• 36 years’ experience within tax and VAT

Dr. K. Olsen has a unique global tax background and provides a wide range of global tax advising:
• Transfer Pricing
• Global tax risk management & risk mitigation
• Tax management for hire
• Support tax inspection world-wide
• Tax appeals
• Internal investigation and tax review of subsidiaries
• M&A
• Structuring
• Due diligence
• Expats
• Petroleum taxation
• Shipping taxation
• Restructuring & exit tax
• Avoidance of double taxation
• Permanent establishment
• Second opinion complicated tax issues
• Compliance

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