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Kyriakos Karatsis

Firm: N. Pirilides & Associates LLC
Country: Cyprus

Practice Area: Litigation

  • 5 Amathountos Street
    Pirilides Building
    3105, Limassol
Kyriakos is a dynamic court litigant who regularly appears before the Cyprus courts with extensive experience in civil, corporate and commercial matters. He has gained particular experience in interim relief applications, varying from all sorts of restrictive measures arising, inter alia, from shareholders’ disputes, fraud, contract and trust duty breaches as well as administration and insolvency proceedings. His commercial and business orientation did not take away from his ability to efficiently deal with and handle a wide spectrum of areas of the law; Kyriakos’ early steps in the field were composed by a broad involvement in all sorts of civil litigation, including, inter alia, banking, torts, employment, rent control, family and a variety of private client matters. Kyriakos has a 360 degrees perspective of his field, which has granted him the skills of a top-drawer negotiator in high-stakes cases, where he enjoys considerable success. 

Kyriakos is highly effective, getting to the nub of any issue swiftly. His legal instinct is outstanding and he is a powerful yet calm performer, who always proves to be supremely capable and reliable. 

The aforesaid, his consistency in character and in achieving good results, as well as his commitment in the field and in the Firm, has led to the latter’s decision to appoint him Head of Litigation Department in 2014 and Partner in 2016. Kyriakos also served as a law lecturer at a university of Cyprus.

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