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Diego Vaiano

Firm: Studio Legale Vaiano - Cataldo
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Life Sciences

  • Lungotevere Marzio, 3
    00186 Roma (RM)

Having graduated from The University of Rome on July 1990 with Honours in Law, Diego Vaiano set about furthering his knowledge and became soon one of the leading lawyers in Italy in regulatory and administrative law. Over seven years later, in December 2001, he was authorised to practice in the nation’s highest courts, including the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Cassation, and the Council of State.

He has been full professor in administrative and public law at the Università degli Studi of La Tuscia — Viterbo since 1 October 2002, at the age of 34.

Diego Vaiano is considered unique for his specialization, in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in pharmaceutical law, healthcare and life sciences matters. He has been awarded as best Life Sciences lawyer in Italy from the foremost Italian and international specialized publications.

Diego Vaiano and his Firm (Studio Legale Vaiano Cataldo) mainly provide assistance to multinational corporations before the Italian Administrative Courts and represented the major worldwide pharmaceutical and biomedical companies in the most difficult and important litigations of recent years, among which those related to the pay back charged on pharma companies for the exceeding of the hospital and retail expenditure annual cap. He has been also involved in major negotiations with AIFA and EMA.

Studio Legale Vaiano - Cataldo main area of practice is administrative law, with a particular focus on pharmaceutical law and public procurements, negotiation of price and reimbursement conditions of medicines, pharmacovigilance, promotional strategies, etc.

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